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Ultrasonic Tube Cutter / Sealer

Airserco Manufacturing Company

Ultrasonic Tube Cutter / Sealer


Airserco is proud to offer the URV-20 ultrasonic tube cutter, designed to ergonomically and successfully seal process tubes after charging with refrigerant.  Multiple hand and cutting orientations are available, so that horizontal and vertical tubes may be cut and welded with a leak-free seal.  Cutting from both left and right sides is possible.  Each side is clearly labeled to prevent mishandling.  Process parameters are able configurable and displayed on a nearby control unit. 

Advantages over competitors' products:

  • Less weight
  • More tolerant of inconsistent tube quality or hardness, for better cuts and seals
  • Ease of operation
  • Simple service of wear components
  • Longer life of wear components

Standard cord / hose length: 15 ft

Warranty period: 12 months, not including standard wear components like anvil or sonotrode.

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