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Rockall HC Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Charging Station

Airserco Manufacturing Company

Rockall HC Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Charging Station


ROCKALL HC is a combination evacuation and charging station for HCFC, HFC, HC and HFO refrigerants. It is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, while providing top performance and charging accuracy.

ROCKALL HC is for ideal for medium and high throughput production lines of domestic and commercial refrigerators / freezers and other fields using of isobutane (R600a) and/or propane (R290). The ROCKALL HC is also a great choice for assembly lines using new refrigerants such as R1234yf and R1234ze.

  • Microprocessor or smart OS (optional) controlled
  • Charging speed: up to .9 oz/s for HC/HFO refrigerants and up to 1.4 oz/s for HCFC/HFC refrigerants
  • Charging capacity: up to 11 oz for HC refrigerants
  • High charging accuracy
  • Built-in vacuum pump (8.4 cfm - larger upon request)
  • Digital or volumetric refrigerant metering system
  • Touch panel and LCD display
  • CE marked for potential dangerous areas, and built in accordance with the European Machinery Directive
  • 200 programmable cycles

Technical Characteristics

Injectors:             1 x FULLFILLER

Injectors Length: 10 feet

Refrigerant metering system: 1

Charging capacity: 11 oz for HC* / 20 lbs for HFC

Charging speed up to .9 oz/s (HC refrigerants); up to 1.4 oz/s (HFC refrigerants)

Charging accuracy

±0.01 oz (<3.5 oz HC), ±0.5 % (>3.5 oz HC)

±.03 oz (<7 oz HFC), ±0.5 % (>7 oz HFC)

Injector connection ¼” Hansen F (ISO 7241B)

Connection to the refrigerant supply line ¼” Hansen M (ISO 7241B)

Vacuum pump capacity 8.4 cfm

Programmable working cycles 200

Working temperature 40-115 degrees F

Requested Refrigerant supply Pressurized, in liquid phase

Power Supply: on request

Power consumption 0.6 kW, with 8.4 cfm vacuum pump

Dimensions (h x w x l) 60 x 24 x 33 inches

Weight ~300 lbs

Pricing varies depending upon each customer's specific requirements and facilities.  The Rockall HC may be used to charge non-HC refrigerants and then upgraded with the necessary safety features and equipment to charge flammable / HC refrigerants later.  Please contact us for your custom quote today!

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