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HH-1 Handheld Hydrogen / Helium Leak Detector

Airserco Manufacturing Company

HH-1 Handheld Hydrogen / Helium Leak Detector


The Airserco HH-1 (manufactured by Nolek) is a handheld, battery-driven, leak detector for detecting both helium and hydrogen based on a completely new revolutionary patented technology. This ergonomically designed product is the smallest high quality instrument on the market, it weighs approximately 300g (0.66 lbs). The smallest detectable levels of Helium and Hydrogen with Airserco HH-1’s technology is 1x10-6 mbar.l/s, making the technology one of the most sensitive in the marketplace today. The flexibility to detect both Helium and Hydrogen makes the Airserco HH-1 independent of the tracer gas used for leak detection, and is the only one of its kind.

With the Airserco HH-1’s technology the sensor never gets saturated and consequently the instrument has no variable costs unlike most alternatives. At the same time it has instantaneous reaction time and no start up time, just push the ON button and start sniffing. The HH-1 is built and developed to meet four criteria:
*SIMPLE The main idea behind the HH-1 is that it should be easy to use and easy to understand with as few buttons as possible. When one buys the HH-1 it comes in a carrying case with a charger and two sniffer probes ready to be used instantly.
Not operator dependent, simply press ON and if Helium or Hydrogen leaks from a product it is shown on a LED bar. The color on the LED scale changes depending on the leak rate detected.
*MOBILE It fits comfortably in a human hand and weighs 0.66 lbs (300 g) and has 10 hours of battery capacity. In order to start looking for leaks one simply has to push the on button and start moving the HH-1’s probe across an area that could contain a possible leak.

*ACCURATE The Airserco HH-1 gives very accurate results based on a reliable unique technology. The immediate leak detection response means that the operator will detect the leak at the same time as passing by the actual leak. Conventional sniffers can take up to five seconds, which is very time consuming.

*AFFORDABLE The Airserco HH-1 is the least expensive high quality sniffer on the market, less than half the price when compared to alternatives. The HH-1 also has added cost benefits with its short response time, high accuracy, short recovery time and no variable costs. Most importantly, the HH-1 will detect even the smallest leak and will save money in terms of shorter time used testing a specific object.

The Airserco HH-1 is the most revolutionary product ever launched within the leak testing and detection industry. It is smaller, more accurate and less expensive than all other comparable alternatives making the decision to invest in leak detection simple.  Used models come with a hard plastic protective case, and fresh factory calibration.