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Amiata Helium/N2 Test Gas Charging Station

Airserco Manufacturing Company

Amiata Helium/N2 Test Gas Charging Station


AMIATA is a portable test and tracer gas charging station.  Specifically, it is designed to conduct pressure tests and leak tests of refrigerating units with the use of inert gas or tracer gases such as helium or nitrogen/hydrogen, according to the ISO 10156 standard.  A small, on-board vacuum pump allows the user to perform an initial cleansing and dehydrating of the vessel to be tested. In order to ensure correct product selection, please contact us for pricing on the Amiata. If you require an all-in-one evacuation, test gas, and refrigerant charging station, let us know as we can offer these as well!  

Functional Characteristics

  • High versatility and portability thanks to compact design
  • Maximum test pressure 290 psi
  • Digital pressure and vacuum measurement
  • Integrated pneumatic vacuum pump (3 cfm), connection to larger external pump available
  • Setting of working cycle parameters, filing/monitoring and printing test reports by connection to external PC
  • Bar code reader - optional
  • 50 programmable working cycles
  • Real-time reporting of process status
  • CE marked, and built according to the European Machinery Directive

Technical Characteristics

  • Tracer gas/mixtures (simultaneous): 1
  • Injectors: 1
  • Injector Length: 8 ft
  • Maximum Test Pressure: 290 psi
  • Pressure Sensor Resolution: < 1 psi
  • Connection to the unit to be tested: ¼” Hansen F (ISO 7241B)
  • On-board vacuum pump capacity: 3 cfm (connection available for external vacuum pump if desired)
  • Programmable cycles 50
  • Safety valve setting: > 290 PSI (configurable upon request)
  • PC connection: RS232/USB
  • Power supply: Several options available, ask us if what you have will work!
  • Dimensions 22”x17”12”
  • Weight 75 lbs
  • Working temperature from 41 °F to 113° F

Optional features and devices

DCA (Data Collector Application for RS232/USB)

Automatic working cycle selection performed by bar code reader

On-Board printer

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