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9800 Series Quick Couplings


Vacuum lines and refrigerant charging lines are quickly and easily connected and disconnected using Airserco’s automatic two-way Shut-off Quick Couplers. When the coupler socket and plug are connected, complete seal is achieved by compressing the O-ring in the socket against the plug’s outer surface. When they are disconnected, spring-activated valve assemblies in both the socket and plug provide immediate and complete seal. For refrigerant compatibility, all valve seats and O-rings are made of special neoprene compound. Maximum Safe Working Pressures: 4,000 PSI.

  • Fast and convenient
  • Tested for vacuum to 5 microns
  • Compatible with all refrigerants
  • Range: -50°F to +200°F to +150° F
  • ISO "B" Interchangeability
  • Connect and disconnect without loss of pressure/vacuum

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