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4036-4oz Liqui-Vac High Vacuum Sealant

Airserco Manufacturing Company

4036-4oz Liqui-Vac High Vacuum Sealant


Liqui-Vac is the only liquid sealant with the capacity of sealing high vacuum connections. It will positively seal high vacuum leaks around threads, through flared connections, face joints, wherever metal joins metal. Just use the brush cap to spread the product over any connections you wish to seal.  Liqui-Vac sets up quickly, but remains flexible for easy disconnection. Liqui-Vac is resistant to most solvents, can seal to 1 micron, and withstands temperatures from -100° F to +325° F.


  • 4oz can with brush cap
  • Sets up quickly
  • Seals to 1 Micron
  • Remains flexible
  • Ready to use

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