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Who We Are

Headquartered in beautiful western New York State, Airserco offers a complete line of refrigerant charging equipment, electrical and performance testing equipment, vacuum pumps, specialty hoses and fittings, refrigerant cylinder heaters, vacuum gauges and controls. Since 1933, we have focused on enabling our customers to process refrigerants efficiently and cost effectively.

Airserco has earned a worldwide reputation for quality, dependability and value and leads the way with equipment that is compatible with virtually all refrigerants available today.

Airserco has provided quality equipment and unique specialty products to leading companies worldwide including:

Al-Dar Appliance     Saudi Arabia
Beverage Air     U.S.A.
Boeing Aerospace     U.S.A.
Carrier Mexico     Mexico
Copeland Corp.     U.S.A.
I. M. I. Cornelius, Inc.     U.S.A.
The Delfield Co.     U.S.A.
Ford Motor Co.     U.S.A.
Freightliner Corp.     U.S.A.
Frigidaire Commercial Prod.     U.S.A.
Industrias Colombia     Colombia
Koldair Co.     Egypt
Liebert Corp.     U.S.A.
National Refrigeration     Jordan
Nor-Lake, Inc.     U.S.A.
Oasis Corp.     U.S.A., Ireland
PPG Industries     U.S.A.
Sub Zero     U.S.A.
Tadiran Electrical Appliances     Israel
The Trane Co.     U.S.A.

True Manufacturing Co.     U.S.A.

Vertiv,     U.S.A.
WCI International     U.S.A.
Whirlpool Corp.     U.S.A.
York International     U.S.A.
York Refrigeration     U.S.A.



Airserco Manufacturing Company, LLC

6528 Town Hill Rd

Conewango Valley, NY 14726