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New Product: URV-20 Ultrasonic Tube Sealer!

Airserco is proud to now offer the URV-20 Ultrasonic Tube Sealer / Cutter, designed for use on modern production lines where a process tube is used to evacuate and fill with refrigerant. 

Are you still evacuating and filling through a schrader valve?  Even with the core removed, you are losing time compared to other options, including an automatic shut-off valve attached to a copper stub, called a process tube.  Your evacuation time is longer, meaning you can process fewer units with the same time and staff.  The process tube is a one-time-use evacuation and charging access port that is sealed at the factory.  

After filling with refrigerant, the URV-20 Ultrasonic Tube Sealer / Cutter comes in to finish the job.

The technician uses the URV-20's ergonomic grips to position the cutting and welding end around the process tube.  After depressing the "trigger", the URV-20 cuts and seals the tube in less than a second, providing an extremely long-lasting and leak free seal.  Configurable parameters are displayed on a nearby computer interface.

The URV-20 is the lightest comparable machine on the market, meaning your technicians can make more cuts, and better cuts.  Contact us today for more information about the URV-20, or switching to process tubes.

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